Lace Necklaces and Pendants

Lace Necklaces and Pendants

Our lace necklaces and pendants are made from the finest couture lace from Northern France by one of the world’s oldest lace-making houses. The pattern dates back from the 16th century and is woven today on ‘modern’ 19th-century looms.

It’s a hugely complex process that results in effortless ‘shadows’ in the floral design and extremely fine detailing. This lace-making is a dying art, handed down through the generations and now shared by only a few highly skilled artisans.  

Lace Heart Necklaces and Pendants are feminine delicate pieces. Lace Jewellery is an ideal gift for 8th or 13th wedding anniversary.

Not unexpectedly, this lace studio has been favoured by royalty and celebrities alike – Queen Elizabeth II, Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Middleton (wedding dress), and Amal Clooney.

Lily Gardner Lace Jewellery has been featured in Harrods, Colette Paris, and The Victoria & Albert Museum.

Vogue UK called our lace jewellery a ‘must-have’.

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Lace and Silver Heart Pendant Necklace - Small

If you are looking for a delicate necklace, this small lace and silver heart necklace is an intriguing beautiful piece of jewellery. It also makes a stunning romantic lace gift. With...


Round Lace and Silver Pendant Necklace - Medium

This lace and silver round pendant necklace is an intriguing yet beautiful piece of jewellery. Couture black lace and hallmarked sterling silver together make this medium-sized disk-shaped pendant with a silver chain a...

Lace and Silver Heart Pendant Necklace - Medium

If you are looking for a delicate unique necklace, this lace and silver heart necklace is a striking find. It also makes a perfect romantic lace gift too. Black couture lace...


Lace and Silver Wild Heart Pendant Necklace

This delicate, small lace and silver wild heart necklace is an intriguing yet beautiful accessory. If you find traditional hearts aren’t your thing, this elongated elegant modern heart shape gives you a...


Large Heart Lace Pendant on Beaded Necklace

This beautiful couture lace in perspex heart pendant is dramatic and an eye-catching piece that really shows off the intricacy of the lace. It is a truly versatile piece to wear for casual...


Medium Lace Heart on Chain

Discreet and feminine, his lace heart pendant is a delicate accent to any outfit. Wear it with a suit and shirt to work. Or try it as an evening accessory. With...

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Small Lace Heart on Chain

A hint of lace for a neckline but only just. This works well for the weekend, work or whenever. The small detail of the lace pendant necklace makes it ultimately the perfect gift...

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Small Wild Heart On Chain

A modern take on the traditional heart. Made using black couture fine lace embedded in resin, this contemporary heart-shaped pendant on sterling silver ball chain smartens up a work shirt, and...


Medium Round Lace Pendant on Chain

This contemporary yet feminine piece is the perfect accent to any outfit. Wear it with a suit and shirt to work or after work. The lace itself has an intriguing history so...


Small Round Lace Pendant on Chain

This contemporary yet feminine small round lace pendant on chain is the perfect piece of jewellery if you like delicate, interesting and modern jewellery. Wear it with a suit and shirt to...

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Lace Flower Pendant on Chain

A Japanese inspired lace flower pendant on a chain. Very delicate and feminine. Equally stylish with a tee-shirt or at work with a crips white shirt. Features: Real couture lace inside...


Medium Lace Heart On Beaded Necklace

This medium-sized lace heart on a beaded necklace is a dressy necklace. It does all the work if you are searching for something to dazzle with. That doesn't mean you can't wear...

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