6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea For Her 

If you are searching for something to give to your wife as the 6th anniversary gift, here are some inspiring presents.

Traditional Themes for 6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gifts associated with this anniversary are sweets or iron. A bit of a contrast and not exactly romantic. The modern gift choice doesn’t help either; it’s wood. The traditional gemstone is, however, amethyst, a beautiful regal stone that is the epitome of elegance. 

Traditional  Gemstone Jewellery for Your 6th  Anniversary

Amethyst appears in our collection as a striking necklace bracelet set. It is a magnificent gift for your 6th wedding anniversary present to your wife if she likes beautiful simple jewellery that makes a statement. 

Ideas for 6th Anniversary Earrings and Necklaces

Amethyst is the traditional gemstone you give as a perfect  6th wedding anniversary gift to her. Our amethyst necklaces and bracelets are designed as an antidote to the classic design. We use natural raw chunky amethyst stones with gold hammered rods to make striking organic jewellery. 

The amethyst collection of jewellery can easily be worn with casual attire for weekend lunches - think white tee shirts or shirts with our necklaces which will instantly glamourise your wife's look. This jewellery retains a simplicity that makes them easy to wear and not over the top. 

Equally the amethyst jewellery set can start with workwear as it is minimal enough not to distract but eye-catching enough to be noticed as a sign of taste and style. 

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is actually a variety of quartz. In Greek amethyst means “not intoxicated” as the Greeks believed that the stones protect the wearer from drunkenness. Perhaps worth a try? 

The Story behind 6th Wedding Anniversary Symbolic Gifts

We include 6th wedding anniversary background story cards with our purchase to ensure a beautiful gift experience. Something to delight the recipient even more.  If you want to learn more and get more anniversary gift inspiration for this? Like to learn more and get more anniversary gift ideas for this? Go to our dedicated 6th anniversary inspiration page.

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