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Lace Heart Earrings

£95.00 GBP
Black lace on pale blueBlackBlack lace on pale rose pink

Straight Lace Cuff

£125.00 GBP
BlueBlackRose pinkRose pink

Shaped Lace Cuff

£145.00 GBP
BlackBlueRose pink

Small Lace Heart on Chain

£95.00 GBP
BlackBlueRose pink

Medium Lace Heart on Chain

£115.00 GBP
BlackBlueRose pink

Round Lace Earrings

£95.00 GBP
BlackRose pinkBlue

Lace Flower Earrings

£95.00 GBP
BlueBlackRose pink

Lace & Silver Tablet Bracelet

£295.00 GBP
Black on whiteBlack on blue

Valentine's Gifts

What could be more romantic for a Valentine's Day gift than black lace heart jewellery? Choose from traditional and modern shapes or non heart black lace items. There also a beautiful selection of gemstone, pearl and gold and silver designer jewellery to give a a token of your affection. All come with a free Valentine's Day history card - an epic tale.