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Pearl Jewellery

Freshwater pearls are the cornerstone of our real pearl earring collection. Fine delicate pearl cluster earrings short and long offer you round the clock wear. The small cluster earrings are a new take on the classic single pearl earrings. Discreet enough to wear to work without looking over the top, they will get you the right kind of admiring looks. They also will help dress you up - pearls always are a class act. 

We also have lots of choices if you are looking for crystal pearl jewellery. These are pearls made of crystal centres and coated with super hardwearing pearl solution. 

Inspired by the ’30s, the Lily Gardner Bohemian Crystal Pearl Collection is made from pearlized crystals created by Austrian crystal master, Swarovski.

This jewellery is Lily Gardner’s inspirational take on traditional pearl designs. The cluster crystal pearls are graduated to increase their vintage look – the single strands of crystal pearls are tied in pretty bows or finished with decorative filigree cap work to capture a bygone era. More dramatic are the larger filigree capped crystal pearl bead bunched necklaces on memory wire.

Smothered in filigree caps these are big pieces full of drama. The clustering gives them a decorative metallic embellishment and you will find they work during the day at the office but equally with that little black cocktail dress.

To go with all these are matching crystal pearl bracelets and earrings to be worn together as a set or just on their own as glamorous accents.

Worth thinking about for weddings. Both the freshwater pearls and the crystal pearl collection will give you a lot of mileage at weddings whether you are the bride, bridesmaid or mother, sister, daughter of the bride.