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7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her - Onyx, Lapis Lazuli

The traditional gemstones for 7th wedding anniversary gifts are black onyx and as an alternative bright blue lapis lazuli stone. Our jewellery collection for this anniversary provides you with style-led imaginative pieces like onyx mixed with black lace in perspex earrings and necklaces and our raw stone lapis lazuli and gold necklaces and bracelets.  

Together with the solid black onyx, we have added our ingenious lace, silver and perspex pieces into the mix creating unique pieces not found elsewhere. With lace at the heart of this jewellery you are harnessing the romance, sensuality and celebrity of textile together with your on-theme gemstone onyx. 

Our onyx and lace collection has a series of key pieces. For a traditional romantic gift, you can’t go past our heart range featuring onyx necklaces with heart-shaped pendants and earrings to match and make a beautiful set. If your wife prefers something more minimal and geometric this same onyx and lace pieces are offered in round, cushion square shaped pendants on elegant black onyx beaded necklaces with matching earrings. 

If you decide on one or both of our lapis lazuli and gold rod jewellery pieces you are in good company. Apparently it was Cleopatra's favourite stone, she even crushed it for eye shadow. 

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We have designed these pieces to bring out the earthiness of the stone leaving it raw in its organic form. The hammered gold rods separate the stones and help break up the necklace, picking up the light. This gives the piece an opulence - mixing precious metals with semi-precious stone. 

These lapis pieces are minimal enough to be worn with a suit or dress to the office but equally are so easy to wear they could quickly dress up a tee shirt and jeans transforming it into a swish lunch at the pub look.