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Cuffs, Bangles and Bracelets

Cuffs, Bangles and Bracelets

Lily Gardner unique lace cuffs, lace bangles and bracelets and pearl bracelets  are perfect to set a mood and show off your style.

Here we have our collection of modern but elegantly nostalgic lace and Perspex cuffs and bracelets and crystal pearl costume bracelets. You can choose from the clean, aesthetic of Perspex and lace cuffs and bangles or the more feminine pieces in the Bohemian Retro Crystal Pearl Collection. The ultimate in hard-to-ignore elegance, our lace cuffs with Perspex are uniquely modern yet romantic pieces and beautifully crafted with a Lily Gardner signature logo. They go with just about everything, particularly black – and who doesn’t have something black in their wardrobe?

Our unique lace cuffs and bracelets are exceptionally light, so you will forget you are wearing one until you are complimented on it. For work and into the weekend, these are timeless pieces. They are particularly beautiful on bare skin and all you need with a white shirt and suit for work.

If you are petite and prefer your jewellery to be proportional, we have smaller lace cuffs and slim lace bangles with a charm of choice.

Lace is what you buy for 8th wedding anniversary or a 13th wedding anniversary,  so this jewellery is most appropriate. We also set lace onto mirror and encase it in silver in a collection of eye-catching 1940s inspired lace tablet bracelets too. These bracelets are adjustable so are great anniversary gifts as you know they will fit the recipient without spoiling the surprise and getting out a measuring tape! 

The retro mood is accentuated with the filigree crystal pearl bracelets inspired by the Duchess of Windsor’s elegance. Hundreds of these pearls, all finished with old Milanese filigree caps make up our bracelets, which are available in cream, dove grey, and bronze.

There is also the more demure graduated crystal pearl bracelet on sterling as a quieter alternative. Made from tight pearls clusters, it's graduated which brings out the beautiful lustre of the pearl work. These were originally designed for everyday wear but are loved as brides and bridesmaid gifts too.

All our crystal pearls are sourced from world-famous Austrian crystal experts Swarovski to ensure the highest quality and colour.