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12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

12th wedding anniversary gifts - silk and pearls

The traditional gift 12th wedding anniversary gift for her is silk; the modern theme gift for the 12th celebration is pearl. 


Silk is the traditional theme gift for the 12th anniversary

If you are looking for a silk present for your wife here, our beautiful luxury silk and lace applique wrap scarf makes the perfect anniversary gift for her. It’s sprinkled with matt sequins along its border catching the light. It makes a great evening wrap and also really works if you are on holiday to dress up a plain white tee elevating an outfit immediately into evening attire.

This versatile silk wrap may look large but actually folds down to nothing so can be easily worn as a scarf for day wear and will brighten up a suit or coat in winter instantly.

Pearls are the modern theme gift for the 12th anniversary

It isn’t surprising that pearls are the modern theme gift and the traditional stone for the 12th anniversary. Popular for centuries because of their gleaming natural beauty, pearls symbolise purity. They make for a natural-looking jewellery piece thanks to their soft colour and simple convex shape. Pearls are said to represent wisdom acquired through experience and are known for their calming effect. 

Our pearl selection includes traditional pieces like our retro-inspired crystal pearl jewellery collection with necklaces and bracelets and earrings feature classic cluster designs. This group is full of opulent statement pieces that are ideal for someone who likes dressing up and anything nostalgic. 

If you are giving to someone who likes on-trend delicate pearl jewellery our oxidised silver, pearl and gold leaf jewellery is a stylish choice.  We have a single strand or long necklaces, all perfect for layering. The grey silver chain helps highlight the beautiful freshwater pearls interspersed with tiny shaped gold leaves.  A really contemporary yet romantic classic. Try half hoop earrings with accent pearls to make it a stunning set. 

If you are looking for earrings, check out our stunning freshwater pearl earring sets. You can buy elegant single pearl earrings with a diamond; small pearl cluster ball earrings or long graduated earrings. 

For more romantic ways to spend time together and gift inspiration, check out our 12th-anniversary gift guide!