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How our lace jewellery is made. It's complicated!

How our lace jewellery is made. It's complicated!

it’s taken over ten years to hone a process which transforms the world’s most delicate lace into a wearable heirloom.  The exquisite black lace we use is still made today in Northern France on the original 19th century looms. To create it, skilled weavers set up thousands of threads and watch and listen to their ‘running’ sound to ensure perfection. It’s a rare skill passed down the generations – as is the hand knotting required to finish it.

from France, the lace travels to our London studios. Here we begin the time-consuming process of transforming it into our iconic jewellery. The lace is laminated, encased in Perspex, laser cut, melted to the consistency of almond icing then formed quickly,  engraved, smoothed and polished.

and from there to Hatton Garden, London's historic jewellery quarter, our silver pieces arrive for finishing and hallmarking. This process dates from the time when assurance was needed by the Crown that silver coins were sufficiently silver and had not been substituted with lesser metals. The Assay Office in London, established in the 14th century, has granted us our own Lily Gardner hallmark, a testimony to the quality of the silver we use.

Today you can choose from our Classic  or Heirloom Collection. The Classic is pure lace and the Heirloom is embedded in silver. What they have in common is the variety of shapes: for the romantic there are 3 hearts - small and medium traditional hearts, and a long minimalist 'wild' heart. The lace ensures that each piece is feminine, but for women who prefer more geometric shapes there are also squares, disks and swiss cross pendants to choose from. 

british vogue says

"it's a must - have"

"This is a lovely and most unusual piece of jewellery. My wife loved it as soon as she opened the box, as does everyone who she shows it to. Intrinsically beautiful. "

- Paul W. West Midlands

Ordering on-line was effortless and arrived next day, much better than description. The Customer-care team made a superb suggestion to enhance this anniversary gift and actioned it immediately. Will definitely use again.

- Alan B. Cornwall

"I am delighted. The earrings are very different and elegant. I already have a lace pendant so am familiar with the product and love them both!"

- Joyce F. Glenmorgan

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