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15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her 

If you are searching for something to give to your wife as the 15th anniversary gift, here are some inspiring presents. 

Traditional Themes for this Anniversary

Crystal is the traditional gift you give someone for their 15th wedding anniversary gift in the UK.   Sapphire is the gemstone considered the correct thing to buy for celebrating your 15th year of marriage.  

Traditional Gemstone Jewellery for Your 15th  Anniversary

The traditional gemstone for 15th wedding anniversary gifts is sapphire. These are striking stones in jewellery and definitely the basis for a solid sentimental 15th wedding anniversary present. 

15th Anniversary Crystal Jewellery Gift  Ideas

Our jewellery collection for this anniversary provides you with style-led imaginative pieces like crystal and sapphire  or crystal and other gemstone combinations 


The Story behind 15th Wedding Anniversary Symbolic Gifts

We include 15th wedding anniversary background story cards with our purchase to ensure a beautiful gift experience. Something to delight the recipient even more.  If you want to find out more and get more anniversary gift inspiration for this? Go to our dedicated 15th anniversary inspiration page.