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14th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

14th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Gold and Opal Jewellery 

The modern theme gift for your 14th wedding anniversary is gold while opal and agate are the traditional gemstones. 

Gold Necklaces and Earrings are the modern 14th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

We offer gold necklaces and earring sets featuring jewellery which is purely sterling silver with thick gold covering at 4-micron thickness.

The gold necklaces are all stylish designs that are elegant and versatile like the large light, textured gold ring necklace. There is also a long gold necklace that can be double up and work as a layered look. Very fashionable and timeless as well. Worn with earrings either gold or gold and gemstone studs this jewellery would be perfect if your wife likes to update her working wardrobe with classic pieces. 

If you want to change it out we have a choice of jewellery with gold and gemstones which is a nice take on pure gold items. 

Read the 14th wedding anniversary gift guide on our theme chart, or buy these beautifully crafted items from our site.