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10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

10th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

The traditional 10th wedding anniversary gemstones are diamonds.  Lily Gardner London's beautiful diamond slice and gold necklace is a departure from the traditional set diamond jewellery. This necklace is a modern take, using diamond slices that emphasise its artisanal qualities. It will be the perfect gift for the woman who likes a more relaxed style. The good news for this anniversary is that there are alternatives too. Onyx gemstones (incorporating black lace) and crystal jewellery (as earrings and necklaces) are also official gems for the 10th.

Diamonds need not cost the earth - our subtle diamond slice gold necklace is a fantastic artisanal version and a great themed 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for her. It's delicate enough to dress up a fave daily outfit but easily smart enough for dinner parties or weddings. This necklace is made of 18-carat gold plated sterling silver.

If you are looking for onyx jewellery, Lily Gardner has ingeniously added our lace, silver and Perspex pieces to solid black onyx to create exclusive pieces not found elsewhere. Romantic lace and the on-theme gemstone onyx make this a super strong contender as a perfect anniversary gif for her for this celebration. 

Our onyx and lace collection has an assortment of key pieces. The classic romantic choice is our heart range featuring onyx necklaces with matching heart-shaped pendants and earrings. Alternatively, these pieces are also offered in round-, cushion- and square-shaped pendants (on elegant black onyx beads) for more minimal and geometric tastes.

Crystals make beautiful jewellery as gems – and our on-theme range has a variety for every taste. There are faceted crystal earrings surrounding either sapphire or emerald gems and chunky/striking modern crystal quartz and gold bracelet and necklace sets. Amazingly, crystal can also be carved into elegant pearl shapes. Such pearls have a perfect crystal core and a special coating with a lustrous shimmer effect.

Crystals are believed to have the powerful ability to release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages.

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