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Stylish and Chic Lace Clutch Bags

Clutch Bags

These stunning leather clutch bags come in a range of great neutral and metallic colours.  Choose from 3 classic colours. Bronze, black and cream embossed clutches are a must-have accessory for day or after workwear. Regardless of the occasion, they're a great match for a pale plainer coloured outfit or if you need something calmer with a patterned outfit.  Lined inside with printed lace, these clutch bags are designed and made in London from Italian leather. They are amazingly roomy for their size and you can fit all the essentials of daily life in them whatever you consider these to be. For us, we love them for our phones, cards, keys and our favourite lipstick. 

Bronze Clutch Bags for Weddings

The beautiful bronze clutch bags are the ideal bag for weddings. If you are looking for a clutch bag that is small, chic and will hold those essentials for the ceremony and party afterwards and something that matches almost every wedding outfits bronze clutch bags are the ticket.    These handcrafted clutches bags have a rich metallic glow and are embossed with fine spot outlines which gives a little sparkle but they remain elegant. They allow you to carry all the essentials with you - makeup, cash, pen, keys and phone for Uber after one too many glasses of fizz.

But even after the wedding, they have milage with virtually any coloured outfit. All metallics go with cream and lighter wedding outfits but will also work as neutral accessories do with almost any outfit you choose. 

The lace theme make them perfect 13th wedding anniversay gifts.