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9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her - Lapis Lazuli and leather

The modern 9th wedding anniversary gift is leather, and the traditional gemstone for this anniversary is lapis lazuli. Our collection for this anniversary offers imaginative leather clutch bag gifts, with signature Lily Gardner lace lining, and our raw stone lapis lazuli and gold necklaces and bracelets.  

While leather isn’t always the easiest theme to follow, we’ve made it super simple with our range of chic compact clutch bags. Whether you choose the cool black, smooth olive or trendy metallic bronze, these miniature marvels go with everything but are brilliantly practical too.

Each Lily Gardner clutch bag can fit into a larger tote or day bag, but they will also hold the precious things you always need to have to hand: phone, cards, lipstick/sunglasses, tube pass etc. And, wonderfully, the interior punches above its weight too by boasting the classic Lily Gardner lace lining material – famously set in crystal-clear Perspex in her unique jewellery range.

If you are drawn to our lapis lazuli and gold rod jewellery pieces (and they make a great set), you have a timeless taste. Lapis featured extensively in the treasures of Tutankhamun. 

These unique jewellery pieces have been crafted to bring out the simplicity of the stone by leaving the lapis lazuli in its raw, organic form. The stones are divided by hammered gold rods that visually break up the necklace, allowing light more room to sparkle. So semi-precious stones mix with precious metal in an unusual and luxurious way. 

Our customers often tell us that their ideal is to have jewellery pieces minimal enough to accessorise a suit for the office, but also easy to wear to dress up casual evening drinks. These lapis lazuli pieces deliver on that ideal with aplomb / in spades.

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