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Silver Jewellery

Silver Jewellery

Our silver jewellery collection features 2 of the most popular silver looks. If you like traditional silver jewellery there's plain sterling silver pieces. If you prefer something that is a bit different and possibly more versatile then jewellery made from oxidised silver - specially treated to look antique grey is what you need. If you want something very special we even have our own iconic collection of Lace in Silver in hallmarked sterling silver. 

Our silver collection offers traditional looking silver and oxidised silver jewellery featuring silver necklaces, silver earrings and silver bracelets and bangles. Even our gold pieces in other areas of our site are based on 925 silver. - so are silver at heart. 

To give you more choice, we love matching stones with silver in our stone and chain collections. Have a look at our beautiful tanzanite and silver chain jewellery. This is are what you call stone stations equidistant on a silver chain necklace. This makes them well suited for day wear as well as those formal occasions we want to dress up for. We have long and short silver necklace versions of this but also single stone minimal pendant necklaces. This is great if you prefer to wear or give a simple, delicate piece of jewellery. 

One of the most popular pieces in our collection is the oxidised long or short necklaces featuring hints of gold, silver and pearl. The dark grey chain makes these ideal necklaces for wearing for work as they are understated and have points of interest without being flamboyant. 

You can use the short version of this oxidised necklace with glints of alternative colour on its own or as part of a layered look with other pieces you own. Or go for the long version which you can wear long or double up for an instant layers look.

The jewel in the crown of our silver pieces is our Lace-in-Silver collection. In this high quality, 925 hallmarked silver encases intricate black couture lace set in Perspex and placed inside hallmarked silver in a variety of significant shapes - hearts, disks, squares and crosses.