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Lace, Pearl, Gold, Silver and Gemstone Earrings

Lily Gardner’s Lace and Pearl Drop earrings are delicate accents which add a polished look to anything you want to wear, whatever the time of day.

If you wear no other jewellery when you go out, earrings are always a must as they start and finish an outfit. Our crystal pearl drop earrings are designed to complement this season’s colours: you can choose from discreet Dove Grey, Cream rose, Bronze and Tahitian blue.

Wear the unadorned plain crystal pearls in single, double or triple drops, or slightly more decorated with filigree caps. When you need to be a little dressier, choose the graduated crystal pearl drop earrings in raspberry-shaped clusters or longer graduated clusters. All are on sterling silver ear wires.

Our Black Lace and Perspex earrings are perfect embellishments. Choose from onyx beads with crosses, hearts, tablets, cushion squares and disk of black lace combined with transparent Perspex. These earrings are amazingly light and instantly flattering and wearable. If you have darker hair, consider the pink and pale blue versions where available as they will stand out more.

We also do asymmetric lace flower earring on sterling hoops. As with all the other lace shaped earrings you can create a delicate jewellery set by adding a matching lace pendant too.