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5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her - Silver, Sapphire and Tourmaline

The modern theme 5th wedding anniversary gift is silver or silverware so if you are looking for the perfect gift for her our silver jewellery is bound to get you brownie points. And it is much more romantic to wear than a silver tray.

We've designed a range of delicate unusual oxidised silver, pearl and gold jewellery as necklaces and earring sets for a twist on the traditional silver jewellery. These pieces make perfect everyday wear and will be really suitable for the office or boardroom wear too. 

The other unusual take on silver jewellery for the event is our new lace in silver jewellery collection. The black lace is a particularly romantic addition to the silver and could not be more suited for a romantic on-theme gift for your 5th anniversary. 

Sapphire is one of the traditional gemstones associated with this anniversary and we have some beautiful sapphire crystal earrings and pendants in a modern minimal design. 

The other stone traditionally associated with the 5th wedding anniversary is pink tourmaline. If your wife or partner like chunky earthy jewellery you can't go wrong with our raw tourmaline stone necklaces which feature gold separator rods which enliven the design. They come with matching bracelets too. They're real tatement pieces if your wife likes striking jewellery. 

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