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5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her 

If you are searching for something to give to your wife as a 5th anniversary gift, here are some inspiring presents, we hope! 

What are the Traditional and Modern Themes for 5th Anniversary Gifts?

The traditional gift for the 5th wedding anniversary is wood and the modern gift is silverware. Today silver jewellery takes over from the silverware option as it is more useful and stylish for a romantic gift. As for wood, you could opt for a wooden jewellery box but it is not the easiest theme to give for. That is why modern choices are often a good start and completely acceptable to the point that they are now often the favoured choice. 

Modern Themed Jewellery for Your 5th Anniversary

The modern theme or symbol for the  5th wedding anniversary gift is silver or silverware so if you are looking for the perfect gift for her silver jewellery is bound to get you brownie points. And it is much more romantic than a silver tray.

We've designed a range of delicate unusual oxidised silver, pearl and gold jewellery as necklaces and earring sets for a twist on the traditional silver jewellery choice. These pieces make perfect everyday wear and will be really suitable for the office or boardroom wear too. They also have a real layered look feel, especially the long version of the necklace which can be wound twice around the neck to produce a layered look effortlessly. 

Another great idea for an outstanding and unusual take on silver jewellery for the event is our new lace in silver jewellery. The black couture lace featured in this jewellery is a particularly sentimental addition to the silver and could not be more suited for a romantic on-theme gift for your 5th anniversary. 

This lace in silver jewellery is the epitome of our collection and the lace contained in it is made still on working 19th century looms in Northern France and handcrafted into our jewellery in London. We have a variety of options including round and heart-shaped pendants and tablet-shaped deco-inspired bracelets and rings. All are hallmarked with Lily Gardner’s own sign. 

Hallmarked Silver Jewellery Your Fifth Year of Marriage

As the 5th is a significant anniversary to celebrate, nothing can beat giving your wife a piece of silver jewellery that has heirloom status. All our lace in silver jewellery is hallmarked with Lily Gardner London’s own mark from the Assay office in London. This process observed by the London Assay Office dates back to the 14th century when the office first opened. It was originally a way of ensuring that silver coins had not been tampered with or diluted. A method of weighing and ascertaining the purity of the silver was conducted. Those coins that passed received a stamp or hallmark assuring they were correct and true silver. 

The hallmark establishes where it is tested and shows this in a mark, then there is the maker's mark and a date stamp which records the year. This can only be given by the Assay office. 

The Traditional Gemstones for Your 5th Wedding Anniversary

Sapphire is the traditional gemstone associated with the fifth wedding anniversary. 

There are also substitutes or alternatives Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline. These are a good idea as every woman has her preferences so you can choose and give the correct one for this 5th present for her. 

Ideas for 5th Anniversary Sapphire Earrings and Necklace Gifts

If you are searching for stylish, versatile pieces of sapphire jewellery as a gift for your 5th wedding anniversary for your wife, our beautiful, minimal sapphire crystal earrings and pendants in a modern design setting make an ideal present.  

Ideas for 5th Anniversary Statement Jewellery Gifts 

The other traditional gemstone for the 5th wedding anniversary is pink tourmaline. If your wife or partner likes chunky earthy jewellery you can't go wrong with our raw tourmaline stone necklaces which feature gold separator rods which enliven the design. They come with matching tourmaline bracelets. They're great statement pieces if your wife likes striking jewellery. 

The Story behind 5th Wedding Anniversary Symbolic Gifts

We include fifth anniversary background story cards with our purchase to ensure a beautiful gift experience. Something to delight the recipient even more.  If you want to learn more and get more anniversary gift inspiration for this? 

 Go to our dedicated 5th anniversary inspiration page.