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8th Wedding Anniversary Lace Gifts

Our special lace jewellery is the perfect modern 8th wedding anniversary gift because it's based on 'lace' which is the on-theme gift for this celebration. We create the only lace jewellery of this quality in the world. It is an original concept honed through years of development to create items any women would be happy to receive and any man proud to give. 

When the alternative 8th wedding anniversary gift choices are mainly scratchy
(possibly?) underwear and lingerie, this is a gift any special wife will be happy to receive. It takes the lace and modernises the concept by setting it in contemporary Perspex.

We use the finest couture lace made in Northern France by one of the world’s oldest lace-making houses. The pattern dates back from the 16th century and is woven today on ‘modern’ 19th-century traditional looms.

It’s a hugely complex process that results in effortless ‘shadows’ in the floral design and extremely fine detailing. This lace-making is a dying art, handed down through the generations and now shared by only a few highly skilled artisans.  

Not unexpectedly, this special lace studio has been favoured by royalty and celebrities alike – Queen Elizabeth II, Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Middleton's wedding dress, and Amal Clooney 's wedding dress.

Lace jewellery craftmanship

From France the lace travels to our London studio where it is set in resin and Plexiglas to protect it and created into lace pendants and necklaces, lace cuffs and bracelets and bangles and lace on mirror rings and lace earrings.

Hallmarking lace and silver jewellery

Our new lace in silver jewellery range takes the laminate place and secures it in sterling silver. All Lily Gardner lace with silver jewellery is hallmarked with the designer's bespoke hallmark assigned by the London Assay office. An age-old tradition in the UK, hallmarking is a process of weighing silver to assure of its authenticity, the year of making and the designer's ownership and design ownership. 

This makes our special silver jewellery truly something to cherish and hand down to future generations.  

We started making this jewellery over 10 years ago. In that time Lily Gardner Lace jewellery has appeared in some of the world's most venerated stores such as in Harrods, Colette Paris, and The Victoria & Albert Museum.

If you are giving any one of Lily Gardner's lace pieces as a gift for your wife on your traditional 8th wedding anniversary know that it has received one of fashions highest accolades a mention in Vogue UK as a ' must-have".

All Lily Gardner lace jewellery comes with a story card that explains the origin of lace and how we make each piece. The smart black-boxing is finished with a Lily Gardner ribbon tied in a bow making it super easy to give. There is also a black velvet drawstring bag in each box to protect the jewellery once your wife has unpackaged it.