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11th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

11th Wedding Anniversary Gifts | Modern Theme | Jewellery and Fashion accessories 

The official modern 11th wedding anniversary gifts are fashion jewellery and accessories. Given the breadth of options, this is an excellent theme. And you’ve got the perfect choice of a variety of styles from Lily Gardner: earrings, necklaces, bracelets with gemstones, pearls, gold, silver, chic scarves, and embossed leather stylish clutch bags. 

Gemstone necklaces for your 11th Wedding Anniversary

Start with a multi-stone gemstone necklace. This lovely modern piece can be worn long or short – you can adjust it to a double short necklace to draw attention to the neckline, or wear it long. For layered look jewellery there is also our long silver necklace with freshwater pearl and gold leaf accents? It’s discreet but not too dressy, and the presence of gold, silver and pearl means it goes with everything. 

Tanzanite is a beautiful blue stone – combine with gold and a matching set and you’re definitely on to an eye-catching winner. Or instead, invest in the demure subtlety of light blue aqua chalcedony. This gemstone is known to be nurturing and said to promote community and goodwill, bringing the mind, body, and emotions into harmony.

Lily Gardner is famous for her unique lace jewellery – super romantics so still a perfect gift for her that is brimming with the romance lace brings to any outfit. It is also worth considering a matching wrap or scarf. This is a really on-theme accessory for the 11th-anniversary gift for her: a lace appliqué sequin silk scarf. This sumptuous scarf has an intricate geometric pattern and superb lace-like detail with just a scattering of discreet black sequins as highlights. So the black flashes and glitters when it catches the light, but it's a wrap still eminently suitable for daytime.

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