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10th wedding anniversary gifts ideas

Traditional Theme for 10th Anniversary Gifts – Tin (UK & US); Aluminium (US) 

The Traditional theme for this anniversary is tin. Now this might sound a bit ‘tinny’ but it’s an alloy of copper and bronze, cannot rust and will last a long time. An alternative in the States is “aluminum” – a very cool and flexible metal that’s very light on its feet. All good attributes going into your second decade together.

10th Anniversary Gift ideas

  • Tin or aluminium household items: storage boxes, salad bowls, vases, planters

  • Cornish tin jewellery

  • Pewter mug, jewellery or cuff links

  • Aluminium champagne ice bucket

  • Paperweight

  • Light aluminium kitchen utensils e.g ice cream scoop

  • Macbook

  • Jaguar F-Type (all Aluminium but a bit pricy)

Modern Theme for 10th Anniversary Gifts – Diamond Jewellery 

Diamond? Isn’t that the theme for a time far into the future – the 60th anniversary? It’s fine; those Modernists of celebration have decided that you shouldn’t have to wait until you can’t do stairs before you enjoy the hardest darn’ thing on the planet. (And, given that a girl’s best friends are also her most expensive, we’re probably just talking some nice jewellery with a few sparkly sprinkles unless you’re a Rockefeller.)

All diamond jewellery (bracelets, bangles, cuffs, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings)Lily Gardner Diamond Sliced Necklace – subtle but gorgeous.

Gemstone for 10th Anniversary – Diamond (alternatives: Green Tourmaline, Onyx, Crystal) 

Any jewellery featuring diamonds, green tourmaline, onyx, or crystal: bracelets, bangles, cuffs, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings. 

Flower for 10th Anniversary – Daffodil 

Obviously, it helps here if your wedding was a springtime one! But even if you just get a tea towel with a daff print, it’s reassuring that the yellow trumpets are guaranteed, like anniversaries, to pop back every year.

Daffodil Gift ideas For your 10th wedding anniversary

  • A bouquet or a pot of daffodils

  • Presents with a flower theme that embraces daffodils (e.g an art photo or print, fragrant candles, perfume or room fragrance)

  • Gifts with a floral motif (e.g handkerchiefs, napkins, underwear)

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