Heart Jewellery Collection

Heart Jewellery

These beautiful delicate lace heart necklaces are supremely romantic. They combine the world's most feminine romantic fabrics - lace - with the universal symbol of love - the heart. As such our heart necklace, earring and bangle collection are perfect Valentine's gifts or for the occasions, you want to give a token of your love. Our heart collection has something for all tastes.

If you are looking for small hearts, we have lace jewellery featuring heart shapes and silver chain or encased in sterling silver for true heirlooms.  We have slighter bigger versions in the same format with couture black lace and Perspex for a little more impact. 

The star is our sterling silver hallmarked heart necklace line-up. The same lace and Perspex is embedded in quality sterling silver proudly bearing the Assay office hallmark. This hallmark guarantees that the piece is weighed and is the correct proportion of silver - namely 925 which is the official amount needed to call it sterling silver. The Assay office has been doing this since the 14th century so they should know. 

All of our pieces feature haute couture black lace still made on the original 19th century looms today in Northern France. Once we have the lace back in our London studio we craft it in Perspex making our 'lace stones' to place in the handcrafted silver casings. 

Of course, heart necklaces make beautiful accessories if you are choosing jewellery for yourself.

Immediately modern but discreet, they are always in fashion.  If you prefer something a little more unusual it is worth considering the modern 'wild' heart. Obviously not that wild but a departure from the traditionally shaped heart. These contemporary shaped hearts will appeal to you if you like more minimal dressing. Their sharp look is attention-seeking and sleek too. 


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Lace and Silver Heart Pendant Necklace - Small

If you are looking for a delicate necklace, this small lace and silver heart necklace is an intriguing beautiful piece of jewellery. It also makes a stunning romantic lace gift. With...


Lace and Silver Heart Pendant Necklace - Medium

If you are looking for a delicate unique necklace, this lace and silver heart necklace is a striking find. It also makes a perfect romantic lace gift too. Black couture lace...


Lace and Silver Wild Heart Pendant Necklace

This delicate, small lace and silver wild heart necklace is an intriguing yet beautiful accessory. If you find traditional hearts aren’t your thing, this elongated elegant modern heart shape gives you a...


Small Lace Heart on Chain

A hint of lace for a neckline but only just. This works well for the weekend, work or whenever. The small detail of the lace pendant necklace makes it ultimately the perfect gift...

BlackBlueRose pink

Medium Lace Heart on Chain

Discreet and feminine, his lace heart pendant is a delicate accent to any outfit. Wear it with a suit and shirt to work. Or try it as an evening accessory. With...

BlackBlueRose pink

Small Wild Heart On Chain

A modern take on the traditional heart. Made using black couture fine lace embedded in resin, this contemporary heart-shaped pendant on sterling silver ball chain smartens up a work shirt, and...

BlueRose pinkBlack transparent

Medium Wild Lace Heart On Chain

This modern lace wild heart pendant with a chain necklace features black couture lace. This is a contemporary piece with an intriguing story so it makes a beautiful lace gift as well....

BlackRose pinkBlue

Lace Heart Earrings

These stunning black lace in perspex heart earrings with black onyx beads are really versatile for day and night outfits. Little works of art to wear. They come with a great background story too. ...

Black lace on pale blueBlackBlack lace on pale rose pink

Medium Lace Heart On Beaded Necklace

This medium-sized lace heart on a beaded necklace is a dressy necklace. It does all the work if you are searching for something to dazzle with. That doesn't mean you can't wear...

BlackBlueRose pink

Lace Bangle with Charm

A delicate lace filled bangle with the charm of your choosing – heart, round, cross or flower. For day through evening wear. Its a feminine piece with a great story - provided....