3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her 

If you are searching for something to give to your wife as the 3rd anniversary gift, here are some present ideas to inspire you. 

What is the traditional 3rd Anniversary Present? 

Leather is renowned for its durability and is the traditional gift for a 3rd anniversary.

This makes our handcrafted embossed leather clutch bags a perfect present for her if you are celebrating 3 years together. The bags are lined with Lily Gardner's signature lace pattern and logo, giving them a real charm. They're surprisingly roomy and can fit all those daily items a woman needs such as a mobile phone, credit cards and keys and cash as well as makeup. They are also handy bags for an evening out or a bag to carry essentials such as lipstick, cards and keys in when having a weekend lunch with friends and she doesn’t want to carry a weighty bigger bag. 

What is the choice of Modern 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The modern gift for the 3rd anniversary is crystal so crystal jewellery makes a really perfect and appropriate gift for her for this occasion.  Our crystal jewellery is minimal with a simplicity to it that makes it a sentimental present that can be worn daily. 

Crystal and Crystal Pearl Jewellery Is the  Modern 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her

Highlights of this collection are our minimal crystal necklaces and earring sets featuring crystal with inset stone - sapphire or emerald. They also come with matching earring sets. 

Beautiful crystal and gold parcel earrings and gold necklaces with crystal parcels are also available. 

Looking for Sentimental Jewellery for Your 3rd Anniversary?

If you are looking for something with a more sentimental feel, have a look at our unique crystal pearl jewellery. Inspired by Italian retro jewellery and emphasised by Milanese filigree cap work this whole collection is designed around Swarovski unique pearl coated crystal beads. Made from crystals with a  super durable pearlised solution they have the look, luminosity and feel of real pearls. We use them as they are accessible i.e. they are always available, consistently round and allows us to offer pearl with colour: cream, grey, bronze, and Tahitian blue.

If you are giving to someone who likes old fashioned romantic elegance, these crystal pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings make a wonderful gift choice to give her as a 3rd anniversary gift. 

Traditional Gemstones To Celebrate 3 Years Together 


The 3rd anniversary has specific traditional gemstones you buy for it. Moonstone and pearl jewellery are the traditional gemstones to choose for celebrating your third year together. 

Moonstone Jewellery Ideas for Your 3rd Year of Marriage

If you are after the traditional stone gift for women, our moonstone earrings and mixed gemstone necklaces are delicate, stylish gifts for this celebration too. Moonstone is on-theme and the jewellery is fashionable as well. 

Pearl Jewellery Ideas for your 3rd Year of Marriage 

If you are searching for jewellery featuring the traditional 3rd anniversary stone pearl, have a look at our beautiful delicate range of freshwater pearl earrings. For drama and one of our best selling pieces, choose the finely graduated freshwater pearl earrings with gold. The small versions of these are freshwater pearl clusters, again set on gold with fin gold pins. We also have single pearls with a zircon. These latter two make great gifts for the third year of marriage and are great cross over pieces - she can wear them to work or casual settings. They immediately elevate any outfit. 

Third Anniversary Gifts for Professional Women

All our jewellery is designed and curated for professional women who appreciate stylish tasteful jewellery with a story. If you are giving to one of these women we have a collection of 3rd anniversary jewellery they can easily wear to the office. The key is simple lines that adorn but not overtake her look. Our third anniversary collection of pearls, crystal pearls, and pure crystal jewellery offer pieces that we see working really well in this context. 

The Story behind 1st Wedding Anniversary Symbolic Gifts

We include third wedding anniversary background story cards with every purchase for this celebration to ensure a beautiful gift experience. Something to delight the recipient even more.  

Like to learn more and get more gorgeous anniversary gifts ideas for this? Go to our dedicated 3rd anniversary inspiration page.

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