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Lace Bracelets, Bangles and Cuffs

Our jewellery is made from the finest couture lace from Northern France by one of the world’s oldest lace-making houses. The pattern dates back from the 16th century and is woven today on original 19th-century looms.

It’s a hugely complex process that results in effortless ‘shadows’ in the floral design and extremely fine detailing. This lace-making is a dying art, handed down through the generations and now shared by only a few highly skilled artisans.  

Not unexpectedly, this lace studio has been favoured by royalty and celebrities alike – Queen Elizabeth II, Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Middleton (wedding dress), and Amal Clooney. Vogue UK called our lace jewellery a ‘must-have’.

Lily Gardner Lace Jewellery has been featured in Harrods, Colette Paris, and The Victoria & Albert Museum.

Lace jewellery makes for a perfect modern 8th and 13th wedding anniversary gift, as the lace is the on theme gift for both these anniversaries.

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Straight Lace Cuff

This beautiful straight black couture lace cuff is light to wear and sturdy. Perfect for day and nightwear. And with its wonderful making-of story, the lace cuff is a perfect gift, particularly a romantic...

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Shaped Lace Cuff

This shaped lace cuff bracelet is the cornerstone of our lace collection. You can really see the intricate lace encased within the transparent layers. The lace inside this jewellery has a...

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Lace Bangle with Charm

A delicate lace filled bangle with the charm of your choosing – heart, round, cross or flower. For day through evening wear. Its a feminine piece with a great story - provided....


Lace & Silver Tablet Bracelet

Beautiful fine black couture lace and silver tablets make this a very elegant deco-inspired bracelet. Perfect for a suit to work. Or to wear out on bare wrists in the evening....

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