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Lily Gardner London Gold Jewellery

You will see a lot of gold jewellery included in our semi-precious jewellery collections. Gold compliments coloured semi-precious stones well, enhancing their colour. It's also just what you want for the fashionable layered gold chain necklace look and our on-trend hoop earrings.

We don't use solid gold. All our gold pieces use the vermeil gold plating method. Vermeil is the process that creates non-solid gold jewellery and is made of quality sterling silver coated in 18-carat hard-wearing 4-micron thick gold jewellery. It's as close as you can get to the real thing without breaking the bank.

Unlike other plated gold effects, the thickness of our gold plated vermeil ensures it is hard-wearing. You have to treat it with the respect it deserves though. Don't go swimming in it. Avoid spraying it with perfume and don't sleep in it. This applies to all jewellery it will keep longer in pristine condition if you treat it with respect! 

Gold's warm colour works wonders on the skin.  You will always appreciate how flattering it looks on your skin. It's a warmer looking metal than silver.

Now that delicate layered strands of gold seem to be a permanent fashion fixture, there is plenty of gold layered chain pieces to mix and match here. This type of gold jewellery has milage as it doesn’t look like this will change quickly! 

If you are looking to layer your jewellery then check our gold jewellery selection out.

Some of the most popular items are our gold necklaces, earrings and bangles made from vermeil. 

Some of our most popular gold jewellery pieces are our gold acorn and gold farthing pendants on a gold chain. We have chosen a gold chain with small intermittent gold beads to add a little extra emphasis to the necklace. 

The gold acorns are highly symbolic and make great gifts for graduates with their links to wisdom and longevity. A gold acorn necklace makes a good 21st birthday gift or a present when someone is starting a new job or a turning point in their career or life. The gold farthings necklaces are original but dipped in gold and bear the 1944 date with a little bird on one face. Both pieces really are timeless and liked by all ages because of their retro /antique feel. 

Gold Hoop Earring Trend

When it comes to gold earrings, we willingly succumbed to the stir around gold hoop earrings in general and now stock our own versions in all sizes. Big matt artisanal hoops for the more bohemian natural tastes, shiny small half hoops for dressy workwear and double circles to glam up a suit at work. Hoop earrings may be on trend but they are pretty timeless too so they are an investment as well as a fancy!

Most of our earring selections use an old gold finish but occasionally we feature excited rose gold hoop earrings with rose gold chain necklaces to match so have a look for those versions too. 

Plain or textured gold earrings can be matched with gold and semi-precious stone bangles if you want to create a set or if you are looking for a gift these hoop earrings make a great set wearable set.

Gold plays well with our semi-precious stones. Check out the long stone station and gold necklace - very flapper but beautiful with a white shirt and suit for work.

You can wear the semi-precious stone necklaces long but you can also double it up to dress a neckline too. They have a fastening which you can undo so this makes it easy and safe to wrap them twice around your neck to change your look in a blink of an eye. These two-way semi-precious stone and gold necklaces are versatile and useful pieces.

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Amethyst & Gold Stone Bracelet

This unpolished amethyst stone with gold tube bracelet is inspired by the Jaipur artisans who we worked with to create this masterpiece. If you love something original and earthy to wear,...

Amethyst & Gold Stone Necklace

Dressy and eye-catching, this aquamarine stone | gold necklace is probably all you need to elevate your look from desk to dinner. It's something about the quantity and 'rough' treatment of...

Antique Farthing Pendant on Necklace In Gold

This impressive antique farthing pendant on a gold bead necklace chain. It's perfect to wear on its own or with other gold chain pieces layered just like our model. It is super...

Antique Jaipur Gold Link Necklace

Discovered by Lily on her travels to Jaipur in India, this necklace is a one-of-a-kind antique piece.  This traditional piece is a representation of India's prosperity and culture. Jaipur in Rajasthan,...

Aqua Chalcedony Stud Earrings

These are semi-precious gold stud earrings filled with a lovely aqua stone. They add a hint of colour and are delicate without being dominant. Perfect for work or for times you need...

Aqua Semi Precious Stone Long Gold Necklace

The demure and ethereal aqua chalcedony stones are beautifully highlighted in this gold long necklace. You can wear it long or short depending on your outfit. You can see this makes...

Aquamarine & Gold Stone Bracelet

The unpolished stone and gold tube makes bracelet is inspired by the Jaipur craftsmen we work with.  If you love something original and earthy to wear, this is it. Lots of...

Aquamarine & Gold Stone Necklace

It's something about the quantity of and treatment of the stones pared back with unusual gold hammered hollow tubes in this necklace that makes it a truly original piece of jewellery. ...

Blue Iolite & Gold Semi-Precious Stud Earrings

Iolite is an entrancing violet blue stone. These small studs with this stone give you a perfect accent if you want to add a touch of blue to your outfit. Materials: 18-carat gold...

Chalcedony, Pearl and Labradorite Bracelet

This chalcedony, pearl and labradorite bracelet just echoes luxury and elegance. The different shades of green complement the pearl and gold detail perfectly, making it the perfect statement piece you will...

Citrine & Gold Stone Bracelet

The unpolished stone and gold tube blocks make this a really elemental bracelet. If you love something original and earthy to wear, this is it. Lots of stones and gold make...

Citrine & Gold Stone Necklace

You can see how eye-catching and dressy this raw aquamarine stone and gold necklace is immediately and you aren't even wearing it yet! It's something about the quantity of and treatment...