18th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

18th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Gemstone Jewellery

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18th Wedding Anniversary Aquamarine & Gold Stone Bracelet

The unpolished stone and gold tube makes bracelet is inspired by the Jaipur craftsmen we work with.  If she loves something original and earthy to wear, this is it. Lots of...

18th Wedding Anniversary Aquamarine & Gold Stone Necklace

It's something about the quantity of and treatment of the stones pared back with unusual gold hammered hollow tubes in this necklace that makes it a truly original piece of jewellery. ...

18th Wedding Anniversary Opal Gold Earrings

These beautiful opal earrings are a one-off. Only one pair is available at the moment so rare!  They're just stunning simple earrings with opals that really catches the light.  The opals...