4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her | Silk, Amethyst, Blue Topaz

For 4th wedding anniversary gifts for her, have a look at our beautiful silk scarves -  silk is the traditional gift you buy for the 4th wedding celebration.  Amethyst and topaz are the traditional gemstones associated with the 4th. Here, we have our own design contemporary jewellery featuring striking necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. 

Our large silk appliqued scarf is made of the finest geometric patterned semi-transparent silk and edged with applique lace-like detail with a sprinkle of matt black sequins around the border. Perfect for evenings or just over a tee shirt for a bit of glamour on holiday. 

For a new take on the beautiful amethyst, we have designed and crafted unusual amethyst stone and gold rod jewellery collection featuring chunky yet feminine necklaces and bracelet sets. These pieces are artisanal with the natural raw amethyst stone chunks and hammered gold rods. They make dramatic pieces for both casual and dressier occasions. 

The beautiful topaz and diamond stud earrings are limited edition so they a super exclusive.  Made in our Jaipur studio, these topaz earrings are handworked with precision and have a real antique feel about them. Very special in themselves, we expect they will become a treasured 4th anniversary present for their singularity and exquisite detail. 

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4th Wedding Anniversary Silk Scarf with Lace Applique

This large silk appliqued scarf for a 4th Wedding Anniversary gift for her is an impressive unwrap.  It has a beautiful tiny geometric pattern and lace-like detail with a sprinkle of...

4th Wedding Anniversary Amethyst & Gold Stone Bracelet

For a 4th wedding anniversary gift, these amethyst and gold bracelet is unsurpassed. It's inspired by the Jaipur artisans who we worked with to create this masterpiece. If your wife loves something original...

4th Wedding Anniversary Amethyst & Gold Stone Necklace

Dressy and eye-catching, this aquamarine stone and gold necklace is a perfect stylish gift as a  4th Wedding Anniversary for elevating an outfit. It's something about the quantity and 'rough' treatment...

4th Wedding Anniversary Blue Topaz & Diamond Earrings

These exquisite rare blue topaz and diamond stud earrings make a perfect 4th Wedding Anniversary gift for her as they are one of a kind. We only have one pair. So these...