Perfect Anniversary Gift Advice for Men

perfect anniversary gift for her

how to give your wife what she really wants

5 Great Ways to make your Next anniversary the best yet

1 Remember it. Remembering your wedding anniversary date is right up there, some would say it is even more important than the gift. You may think putting your anniversary in your diary will save you. It will but only if you are someone who refers to it daily. If not, it is dead Jim. What you need is a reminder to give you time to think, buy and wrap it. Use google calendar alerts (there are others) which will send an alert/alarm email a month; week; days - and ok guys - 24 hours before in advance. Ballpark 2 weeks to find; delivery 4-5 days +1 day to wrap and think of words for the card. So unless you are super lucky or clever allow 3 weeks preparation on this one. 

2Pick the right theme. These are great guides for the ‘right ‘ or ‘correct’ thing to buy for a specific wedding anniversary year. Every anniversary has them didn't you know? It’s a sign that you took time out to care enough to research the anniversary’s history. Some of these are still a little trickier than others so check out both the traditional and modern alternatives for the anniversary you are celebrating. All anniversaries have both. See our handy reminder list below.You can think about the theme - it  might lend itself to a larger experience e.g for your 8th and 13th anniversary which has lace as the gift, you could consider a weekend trip to the state of the art Lace Museum in Calais. It’s full of massive machines - both of you will enjoy it, honestly. Plus a glass or two of a cheeky little wine with dinner? Et voila!

3Get it right - Even if you know the theme, where do you go from there? How do you make sure you get something appropriate that she’ll love? If you feel you have no idea at all or exactly what would be suitable, there’s usually someone else who does. What you need is discreet advice. Ask someone, her sister, her mum, a friend - anyone she confides in. This is especially important if you are planning something romantic that involves personal taste. Like jewellery.  Here are some key questions to get you started.  Is she generally dressy or casual?- Is her jewellery delicate or large?- What items of jewellery does she normally wear? - earrings, bangles, necklaces?- Does she prefer gold or silver?- Is she into a specific brand? Or does she like what she likes as long as it’s a little original? Does she have a favourite colour?- Is she practical or romantic? 

4Make it Romantic - After all that’s what it’s about. This is one day a year at the very least you can be a bit mushy and be a little bit more romantic. Even if it isn’t anything more than what you say on the card make it personal; a nod to how you met, a place or thing she / you both love doing / something nostalgic and romantic perhaps or the future adventures. 

Make it an Experience. On the day - spread the fun. Start with a card and on-theme gift, and if at all possible, cook her breakfast and take on a task she usually does. And finish the day with ‘the gesture’. If you have kids and want to do this properly, find someone to ‘take the kids’ - only temporarily of course! Think: a special new place to eat; surprise her with a movie or theatre booking (and pre-book the baby- sitter) a bottle of fizz on a shingly shore/river bank with fish and chips to keep things real and intimate; stay in but get out her favourite movie and watch it at home with Deliveroo food and the cocktail you are going to secretly learn up on and surprise her? Or something relaxed and just personal to show you have given it lots of thought. Get the picture?

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