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60th wedding anniversary gifts
for her 

Traditional Theme for 60th Anniversary Gifts – Diamond

Well, you made it! 60 years – you are on top of the world. Literally Diamond Geezers and Gals! Diamonds are brilliant, have a fire within, and are one of the most precious things on Earth. They’re also pretty darn’ hard when they need to be. Not bad for a little bit of carbon made good. Just like you guys.

gift ideas for 60th diamond anniversary

  • Want a unique item without taking out a mortgage?Lily Gardner’s Diamond jewellery for her

  • Diamond accessories for him (cuff links, earring, solitaire pinkie ring etc)

  • Anything with your names inscribed upon it (by a diamond cutter)

  • A trip to the Cape Town Diamond Museum – with a few winery tours attached

  • A long weekend in Amsterdam with a visit to the Gassan diamond factory

  • A London jaunt going to see the Crown Jewels at the Tower

  • A diamond-shaped ice sculpture at your big bash!

  • Find a special screening of Diamonds Are Forever

  • Fortune telling session with a pack of cards

  • Tickets for a baseball game

Modern Theme for 60th Anniversary Gifts – Diamond

Did you know that the word ‘diamond’ comes from the ancient Greek meaning: "proper", "unbreakable", and "untamed"? You did? Well done…

Gift ideas for 60th anniversary - same as for traditional

  • Anything featuring diamonds or diamond shapes perhaps

  • Diamond jewellery

  • Diamantes on fabric (not diamond granted but definitely sparkly). This lets you look at dress wraps for the evening too or clutch bags with a diamond look. Just in case you wife already has too many diamonds! If that is possible.

  • Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend on Netflix - surely it is there somewhere? Along side a beautiful card, a main present it will really theme the event. You could actually set up a screen or book a private cinema at a club and make a bigger event out of it?

Gemstone  for 60th Anniversary – Diamond 

As a 60th anniversary jewellery gift, any jewellery featuring diamonds would be appropriate; you can buy traditional settings perhaps antique version of bracelets, bangles, cuffs, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings for something special and unique. There are contemporary settings at the higher end of price scale for diamonds but it also can be fun to think of more fashionable pieces featuring smaller diamonds that she will wear often and are a bit more everyday. Above all think about the type of jewellery she wears regularly - modern or traditional then buy diamond settings that match her taste. 

Flower for 60th Anniversary – Orchids

The name ‘orchid’ comes from the Ancient Greek for testicle because of the twin tuber shape in some species. But don’t let that put you off! The orchid family (or orchidaceae) are the largest family of flowering plants in the world. They are always a beautiful addition to a home and, with only a little TLC, they will give a delightful, long-lasting floral display.

orchid Gift ideas for her 60th wedding anniversary

A bouquet or a pot of orchids would be perfect. Even if you have a diamond gift of on theme diamond jewellery, flowers always make the day a bit special. The great advantage of buying a potted orchid is that they really last despite best efforts to ignore them. With a little care they will keep flowering yearly too. There will always therefore be a reminder of you 60th wedding anniversary celebration annually. 

Presents with a flower theme that embraces orchids (e.g an art photo or print, fragrant candles, perfume or room fragrance). A quick google should help inspire this.  

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