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45th wedding anniversary gifts
for her

Traditional Theme for 45th Anniversary Gifts – Sapphire 

The beautiful sapphire is known as a stone of wisdom and serenity. And after 45 years together, a couple will have demonstrated plenty of both! Ancient civilisations believed that the world was set upon an enormous sapphire, which painted the sky blue with its reflection. However, there is also a legend that should the recipient’s love begin to wane, the colour of the stone will gradually shift from blue to green. So, giving a blue sapphire on this anniversary represents a true-blue lasting love. Certain sapphires can change colour! In daylight, the typical colour change sapphire’s hue ranges from blue to violet. Under incandescent light (electric light bulbs, or candlelight), the colour changes to anything from a violet purple to strong reddish purple. 

gift ideas

Away from the obvious – and fairly pricey – gemstones, there are options around the deep blue colour of sapphire, the royal connections (it’s the stone of royalty), and even, ahem, gin! 

  • Sapphire jewellery for her

  • Sapphire accessories or him (cuff links, sapphire blue fountain pen)

  • Anything with a deep sapphire blue: e.g table linen, cashmere sweaters, drink ware

  • A visit to Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle

  • A trip to a gin distillery

  • A faux Lady Diana engagement ring (by now you should know if she’ll think this is funny…)

Modern Theme for 45th Anniversary Gifts – Sapphire

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s personal collection is kept in a large vault beneath Buckingham Palace. Among her most cherished items is the Prince Albert Brooch, a huge sapphire which was given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert the day before their wedding. The centrepiece of this brooch is a luminous blue sapphire estimated to be around 20-30 carats, surrounded by twelve diamonds.

 Gift ideas 

As sapphire is what you give for the traditional and the modern 45th wedding anniversary for her the ideas we suggest here are the same as for the 45th traditional theme above.

Gemstone for 45th Anniversary – Sapphire ( alternative: Alexandrite)

Jewellery ideas 

Jewellery containing sapphires or alexandrite would be perfect. Have a look around at modern settings or demi-fine jewellery. That is jewellery that is more fashionable but still contains stones so really appropriate and up to the minute jewellery. 

Flower for 45th Anniversary – Blue Iris

The iris is also associated with royalty and blue ones denote faith and hope. If you’ve been together for 45 years, you should have buckets of both!

Gift ideas 

  • Presents with a flower theme that embraces blue irises (e.g an art photo or print, fragrant candles, perfume or room fragrance)

  • Van Gogh’s irises would be appropriate, probably not an original…

  • Gifts with a floral motif (e.g handkerchiefs, napkins, underwear)

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