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1st Wedding Anniversary gift Ideas

traditional theme for 1st wedding anniversary gift is paper

The happy couple has made it through 12 months. And the reward… paper! Here is a material that means so many things: folding money, memorable photos, the wrapping around something shiny and expensive. It’s fragile and delicate, but also the basis of old school romantic communication – love notes! Or perhaps the blank page for the rest of your lives together.

1st wedding anniversary traditional gift ideas

Paper as a gift for your 1st wedding anniversary offers a massive choice. 

  • A paper gift voucher can deliver almost any experience these days: fine dining, hot air ballooning at dawn, sliding single seaters round Silverstone race track. Hand your gift voucher over in a nice paper envelope and job done!

  • An origami course

  • Super posh wrapping paper (with something inside)

  • Classic stationery

  • Luxury leather-bound notebook, sketchpad etc.

  • Gift vouchers / cards for the experience of their lives

  • Get a portrait done by a street artist

  • Print and frame a photo of your favourite 'couple ' photos

  • A first (or second, or third…) edition of her most cherished book

  • An artistic print

  • Tickets to their favourite band / musical / event

  • Cash? (bit cold this one!)

modern theme for 1st wedding anniversary gifts is clocks

The 1st anniversary has clocks as its modern theme  and shows that you’re both in this for the long term – and now have a way of measuring it.

1st wedding anniversary modern gift ideas

Clocks and watches are the obvious choices for a modern 1st anniversary gift. But you can use initiative too: time can have several meanings.Why not consider a little relaxing “me-time” for you both – via investments in babysitters, weekend outward bounds for the kids, and food delivery.

  • A cool vintage timepiece from Chrono 24 (Cartier for her), 

  • Visit Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament ( if you are in the UK), though you may have to write to your MP to get inside; other clock towers around the world are available

  • An antique ormolu mantelpiece clock 

  • Cufflinks with watch mechanisms are a thing

  • A trip to the Planetarium

  • A visit to Greenwich or Herstmonceux (the Meridian runs through)

  • Book some quiet time via

Large Matt Gold Hoop Earrings on Model| Lily Gardner London

gemstone for 1st wedding anniversary - gold jewellery (pearl and peridot as alternatives)

Any jewellery featuring gold: bracelets, bangles, cuffs, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings.

Hard to go wrong with gold jewellery for her (and maybe a pinkie ring, antique tie-pin for him). And there’s a while to go before the full-on gift of the gold-themed 50th anniversary. This theme is more about a nice piece of jewellery (bracelet, earrings, necklace) that has some gold as part of it – it could even just be the chain. Pearls are an alternative for this theme. Pearl jewellery comes in all shapes and designs, not just simple spheres. Lily Gardner’s long graduated pearl earrings are a perfect example of the beauty and fashionable ways to wear delicate freshwater pearl jewellery.

gemstone JEWELLERY for 1st wedding anniversary

FLOWER GIFT IDEAS FOR YOUR 1st wedding anniversary 


  • A bouquet or a pot of carnations, pansies or orange blossomsPresents with a flower theme that embraces carnations, pansies or orange blossoms (e g an art photo or print, fragrant candles, perfume or room fragrance)

  • Gifts with a floral motif (e g handkerchiefs, napkins, underwear)

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