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14th wedding anniversary gift 

ideas for her


Traditional Theme for 14th Anniversary Gifts – Ivory (or an Elephant theme) 

While the Traditional theme for a 14-year anniversary is ivory, international action to combat the decimating effects of ivory poaching has rightly made this substance completely off-limits as a gift. The UK also has very strict rules around antique ivory items. The good news is that the elephants we are trying to protect are super cool, often very cute and even better they are considered a symbol of loyalty, companionship and unity. Perfect for an anniversary.

Gift ideas 

So, it’s time to get creative. Think ivory colour, think clothing, bed linen, smart stationery, piano keys… And then you have all things heffalump. Go for it!

  • Ivory-coloured shirts or other fashion items or

    ivory tablecloth and napkins

  • Stationery, notebooks, sketchbooks etc.

  • Piano lessons, or tickets to a recital of Chopin’s nocturnes, for example

  • Elephant sculptures or carvings

  • Elephant motif patterns on fabrics, scarves etc.

  • An art print of elephant-related subjects

  • A trip to the zoo

  • Adopt an elephant ( not in your own home though!)

  • Large travel container (trunk…?)

14th wedding anniversary ivory leather clutch bag

Modern Theme for 14th Anniversary Gifts Gold jewellery

Hard to go wrong with gold jewellery for her. And there’s still a while to go before the full-on gold-themed 50th anniversary. This theme is more about a nice piece of jewellery (bracelet, earrings, necklace) that has some gold as part of it – it could even just be the chain. Click on each of these pieces if you want to see them on the website. 

Gemstone for 14th Anniversary – Opal (alternatives: Kunzite, Moss Agate, Gold, Ivory) 

The internal structure of precious opal diffracts light, resulting in a gorgeous iridescence. Opals can be transparent, translucent or opaque, and the background colour can be white, black or nearly any part of the colour spectrum. In the Middle Ages, opal was thought to deliver great luck because it was possessed all the virtues of each gemstone whose colour appeared in the spectrum of the opal. It was also said to grant invisibility if wrapped in a fresh bay leaf and held in the hand (don’t try this if doing anything illegal or immoral).

Jewellery ideas 

Any jewellery featuring opal,  moss agate, gold, or ivory: bracelets, bangles, cuffs, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings.

Flower for 14th Anniversary – Dahlia Gift ideas 

  • A bouquet or a pot of dahlias

  • Presents with a flower theme that embraces dahlias (e g an art photo or print, fragrant candles, perfume or room fragrance)

  • Gifts with a floral motif (e g handkerchiefs, napkins, underwear)

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