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13th wedding anniversary gifts 

for her

See below for some great ideas for gifts for 13th wedding anniversary.  

Remember, there are no definite rules – look at all the options and be creative! 

If you think your partner will love something different, just go for it.

Traditional Theme for 13th Anniversary Gifts – Lace

Lace has always been a luxury material indicating a sumptuous and successful lifestyle. But it also denotes the hard work that goes into building a long-term relationship – each thread painstakingly intertwined with thousands of others using hand skills and vintage lace machines, creating a beautifully refined and delicate fabric. A happy long-term marriage is also a beautiful thing – one built on years of tiny interconnected moments.  

Visit our lace jewellery accessories collection here.

Lace Gift ideas

It’s easy to come up with ‘straight’ lace gift ideas for women (lingerie, elaborate evening wear, bedding); less easy for men. But why be straitlaced about it?! Lily Gardner offers a totally unique range of lace jewellery – that’s black lace made on 19th century looms in Northern France set in perfectly clear Perspex. Hard to make – unique in the world. As are her exclusive lace cufflinks so men don’t miss out on the engineering skill that goes into these artefacts.

Modern Theme for 13th Anniversary Gifts – Furs, Textiles 

The modern theme is all about the warmth, protection and style that comes from great clothes and accessories. Of course, real fur is a no-no these days, and who wants a dead fox coiled round their neck? But there are some super alternatives that can give her (and him) that Anna Karenina look. Textiles – where to start? From gossamer silks to chunky knits, sober pastels to ethnic batiks… the textile world is your oyster! Lily Gardner offers some amazing image scarves – the coolest photos that wrap into perfect abstract patterns and hues.

Modern 13th Anniversary Gift ideas 

  • Faux fur accessories and clothing (e.g coats, jackets, fur-lined gloves, tippets

  • Russian hats – Ushanka or Cossack

  • All fashion clothing and textile accessories, ever!

  • Scarves 

Traditional Gemstones for 13th Anniversary – Citrine, Moonstone 

Citrine is a transparent variety of quartz, ranging in colour from pale to golden yellow, honey or nearly brown. The name derives from the Latin citrina, where the French word citron comes from. It has long been thought to have the healing properties of the sun, offering optimism and light to the wearer. 

Moonstone’s name is derived from its pearly and opalescent sheen, or schiller, caused by light diffraction across its surface. The Romans admired moonstone, believing it to be derived from the solidified rays of the Moon. 

More recently it became popular during the Art Nouveau period, with Lalique using it in much of his jewellery.

gemstone Gift ideas for the 13th wedding anniversary

Any jewellery featuring citrine, moonstone, malachite, or opal: bracelets, bangles, cuffs, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings.

Flower for 13th Anniversary – Chrysanthemum 

Flower Gift ideas 

  • A bouquet or a pot of chrysanthemum flowers

  • Presents with a flower theme that embraces the chrysanthemum (e g an art photo or print, fragrant candles, perfume or room fragrance)

  • Gifts with a floral motif (e g handkerchiefs, napkins, underwear)

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