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Lace Cufflinks

Our lace cufflinks are a chance for men to experience the beauty of our couture lace pieces but set in the definitely masculine confines of a solid sterling silver cufflink. 

These couture look cufflinks are conceived as art deco inspired pieces so we have taken the square lines of this period to heart. 

If you like cufflinks for work they are perfect. They come in black lace on white silk and black lace on blue silk to ensure they match the two most popular shirt colours for work. 

These stylish cufflinks are of course perfect for black tie events and for wedding parties - either for the groom or a great gift for the best man? 

These black lace cufflinks come into their own as perfect 8th wedding anniversary and 13th wedding anniversary gifts for men. Possibly one of the few on theme gifts with elegance for men for these anniversaries. 

Our cufflinks are made from the finest couture lace from Northern France by one of the world’s oldest lace-making houses. The pattern dates back from the 16th century and is woven today on ‘modern’ 19th-century looms.

It’s a hugely complex process that results in effortless ‘shadows’ in the floral design and extremely fine detailing. This lace-making is a dying art, handed down through the generations and now shared by only a few highly skilled artisans.  

The cufflinks along with Lily Gardner's entire lace jewellery collection have been featured in Harrods, Colette Paris, and The Victoria & Albert Museum.

Vogue UK called our lace jewellery a ‘must-have’.