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June Birthstone

June Birthstone Jewellery

Celebrating someone’s birthday in June? The themed birthstones for June are Pearl and Moonstone.

Pearl and its close sibling moonstone are the birthstones associated with June. And they couldn’t be more perfect for the (Northern Hemisphere) summer, especially in the UK. Because June signals the start of ‘the season’ and an endless stream of events to dress up for: tennis at Wimbledon, racing at Ascot, rowing at Henley… plus those wedding invites sitting on the mantelpiece (2020 excepted). The chance to get some sun and look good (weather permitting) surely creates a positive and uplifting mood, so it’s a great time to get out the jewellery to match special outfits.

Pearl jewellery and moonstone jewellery are natural partners for these summer occasions – they are classic and classy, adding a subtle shimmer in the sunlight. And even if you can’t make it on the day, you can enhance your look with pearls, even if your outfit’s just a jeans and tee ensemble. Faceted gemstones often don’t work dressed down, but the pearl’s convex purity can elevate without being showy. As a gift, pearls are timeless but don’t have to be boring. They actually come in different shapes and designs. You know you can't go wrong giving these - they are ultimately acceptable.

Lily Gardner London’s pearl collection is designed as jewellery you can wear daily as well as for dressier choices. So you know you are giving something that will be well received and worn. 

Our hammered silver, pearl and gold necklaces, bracelets and earring sets make great June birthday gifts for someone who likes to look coordinated whenever the occasion. And for someone who appreciates stylish on-trend jewellery.

 For a slightly dressier occasion, our seed pearl earrings are exactly what she will need. And, of course, the smaller cluster pearl earrings and single drop earrings make ideal partners with a work suit. They are classically elegant and discreet.

Pearls are June's Birthstone 

Pearls form in an oyster as concentric layers of calcium carbonate build around a small speck to create a superb iridescent sphere or teardrop.

Natural (or wild) pearls are very rare. For many centuries, pearls were very expensive as they could only be obtained by opening hundreds of oysters. Cultured pearls are formed in pearl farms, using human intervention as well as natural processes.

The ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the tears of joy of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

In the words of Jacqueline Kennedy, First Lady and style icon: “Pearls are always appropriate”.

Moonstone  is the June Birthstone

Moonstone’s name is derived from its pearly and opalescent sheen, or schiller, caused by light diffraction across its surface.

The Romans admired moonstone, believing it to be derived from the solidified rays of the Moon. More recently it became popular during the Art Nouveau period, with Lalique using it in much of his jewellery.

The simple, elegant shades of the white and subtle shimmer of moonstone made it a favourite setting in gold and silver jewellery among the ancients from India and the Celtic tribes of Europe.