How To Style Hoop Earrings - Big or Small

how to wear Hoop earrings 

the rise and rise of hoop earrings

You don’t have to be a style queen to notice that absolutely everyone is mad for large hoop earrings. Understandably. Never has a trend been so classic with such enduring appeal.

Vogue cover image May celebrity wearing large gold hoop earrings

It comes as no surprise that British Vogue features hoop earrings on their cover this month.

”Nothing spells polish like a sleek pair of hoops”

British Vogue

While hoop earrings of all sizes and styles seem to be having a big moment, there are many jewellery lovers and historians who would argue the style has always been in vogue. Hoops in all metals and sizes have been around about as long as jewellery itself.

big hoop earrings and Celebrity

The most obvious reason hoop earrings remain in style is their celebrity connection.

One of the first to grasp the power of oversized hoop earrings of course was magnificent Sophia Loren - they were her trademark accessory. She seemed to wear them constantly and they helped her radiate romance, flamboyance and everything exotic.

These days their popularity has exploded. They’re a magnet for A-listers from J Lo to Hailey Bieber, Rihanna to the royals. And big hoop earrings are definitely a passport to everything chic and in.

hoops are Around the Clock Wear

Why are hoop earrings so popular? Hoop earrings are a quick, stylish adornment that work day and night, dressing up and down with equal ease. They’re the kind of very useful earrings that can make jeans and a tee shirt sleek and considered in a thrice.

hoop earrings work at Work

Maybe oversized hoops aren’t quite what you would wear to the boardroom but if you’re doing anything remotely creative or relaxed, they’ll aid and abet your profile. It signals to the world or at least your colleagues that you’re in the know and gives you immediate cache.

Woman with Hoop Earrings in the Offfice

Like all good accessories, hoops are also all you need to modernise or refresh your old wardrobe favourites in a minute. You know, those outfits you have had for a very long time and use but are slightly tired of. Hoops give them a second run for your well earned money and they’ll transform into new ‘now’ not ‘again’ pieces. So hoops can even help you save ! Who knew?!

They’ll do the same work as a bright lippy, drawing attention to your face and making people focus on you, which is something not to be ignored.

“ Hoop earrings are the white T-shirts of the jewellery world.”

British Vogue

Most of all hoops always look minimal and are easy to ‘grab ’ as a finishing touch. You never need to worry whether they will go with what you’re wearing. They will!

big hoops or small hoops?

These large statement hoop earrings are light to wear and will give you the impact you need if you want to make a big impression. They’re created for us by Jaipur craftsmen so have an intriguing matt artisanal finish. Made of sterling silver they are finished with 18 carat 4 micron thick gold so sturdy.

 Large Matt Gold Hoops by Lily Gardner
Large Matt Silver  Hoops by Lily Gardner London

They are made in the original way with a small hook so the hoop is continuous. If you aren’t used to putting this type on, don’t worry, we found this very useful video to show you how.

hoops go casual

t-shirt - & Other Stories

trousers - Abercrombie

trainers - Veja

bag - Zara

hoops - Lily Gardner London

The point is go minimal.

The earrings will take centre stage when everything else is plain and pared down.

Wear Hoops for LUNCH with friends

dress - RIXO

 shoes - Valentino

 hoops - Lily Gardner London

Soft floaty fabrics that are all about the season

 + minimal earrings to modernise.


dress - Paul Smith

 shoes - Monsoon

 hoops - Lily Gardner London

Contrast anything soft and frilly with rigid large gold hoops. It creates a great balance between feminine and an on trend look. 

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