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silver hearts

London jewellery designer Lily Gardner’s Lace-in-Silver heart necklaces have been conceived and designed to add layers of romantic meaning to your Valentine's gift.

The heart shape is of course a symbol of love. But these silver and lace heart necklaces are also full of legacy. By combining the world’s most intricate textile with a hallmarked precious metal Lily Gardner has created a contemporary piece of jewellery that is also a testimony to craftsmanship and tradition. 

Lace with a Legacy

The lace we feature in our collection is still produced in Northern France, using a textile made on 19th century English looms. These huge machines were originally smuggled into France during the Luddite revolution. The final product is called Leavers Lace and is an exquisite combination of French and English engineering and artistry. Ingeniously the machines that create the lace mimic the acute delicacy of the finest handmade bobbin lace. 

French Craftmanship

Even the skill required to thread these looms has been passed down through generations of lace makers. They are all trained to detect the slightest change in the sound of the looming process which might denote a broken thread - somewhere... Over 8000 threads are used for each single metre of couture lace produced by this method, so the setting up and making of the lace is a meticulous and painstaking process.Lily Gardner’s jewellery uses one of the most intricate patterns of lace, featuring a unique shadow rose design dating back to the 17th century. With the help of digital lasering, we are able to identify the optimal part of the rose outlines in the material to ensure the fullest lace pattern is included in each heart necklace. 

Sterling Silver Heirlooms

The techniques used to create our new Lace-in-Silver heart necklaces have taken years to perfect. We design, make, mould and hand finish all the silver components that encase our beautiful lace heart shapes.This collection was our inevitable answer to increasing requests for heirloom pieces; and silver as a precious metal was an obvious choice. All our lace silver heart necklaces are made from the purest 925 silver, and the exclusive LG hallmark gives assurance that our collection has been certified as pure by the Assay Office in London. 

Hallmark in History

What are hallmarks? Hallmarks date back to the 14th century and were an exacting method for the Crown to ensure that all coins had the requisite proportion of silver. Sometimes illegal coinage was made with lesser ‘base’ metals. A hallmark of 925 means that 92.5% of the metal is pure silver - allowing the description ‘sterling silver’.Pure silver is actually too soft without the addition of other metals (typically copper) but this is strictly controlled. To be certified, each maker has their silver pieces weighed then marked as qualified with a hallmark. The hallmark shows: the assay office location; the name of the maker, in our case marked with an LG; and the year it was hallmarked.Click here to edit. 

Don’t Take Our Word For It

If you are looking for a memorable and unusual token of your love to give on Valentine’s Day, a silver heart necklace from Lily Gardner London provides a beautiful, romantic and thoroughly original gift.But don’t take our word for it. British Vogue says it’s a "Must Have." 

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