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heart necklaces

A heart says It All 

If you choose a heart necklace or, better still, are given one, there is a lot to look forward to! 

Whether as an emoji, shaping your hands into a heart on instagram, or the graphic ‘love heart’ most easily recognised in “I Love NY”, the heart shape is a shorthand symbol of love and romance. And it can mean a lot more depending on who is giving it, wearing it… or even designing it.

If you receive a heart necklace from an admirer, it’s redolent of romance. More than any other design a heart-shaped pendant necklace speaks volumes of the affection, admiration and intent of the giver. 

Unusual Heart Necklaces

Unsurprisingly heart-based jewellery is the most popular shape to give when it comes to weddings, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. This has become such a widely accepted tradition that it can be difficult to inject much originality into a choice of gift. If you are after a slightly different take on the traditional heart, though, Lily Gardner’s long Wild Heart pendant is a creative and slightly edgy version for someone who appreciates uniqueness. 

Wear a heart. Send a Message

Necklaces and pendants with hearts have always been considered feminine and delicate, and are one of the most fashionable designs for women buying jewellery for themselves or as gifts for friends.The curvilinear shape always sends a positive message, implying that the wearer has a romantic view of the world and a feminine taste in clothing and accessories. A small discreet heart necklace is a really practical choice and definitely one of those ‘never take off’ jewellery items that suits any occasion. 

Hearts in Fashion

Wear a heart and you are instantly fashionable. How can we say that? Well, wherever you look the heart has been an inspiration for countless fashion and jewellery designers who are the iconic names of today.Think of the Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons, best known for its heart-shaped logo with two eyes, stitched on to ‘Play’, their casual luxury line.Or Christian Lacroix who seized upon the heart for his magnificent custom jewellery collection (and then Ab Fab, darling, seized upon him). Lacroix went global, and the trend to wear fashion-led heart necklaces never looked back. See a whole season'sValentine's inspired runway fashion to understand the pervasiveness of this little icon of love. 

Hearts Go Wild - Extravagant Ideas

Indeed, hearts have provided the artistic impetus for some of the most expensive pieces of jewellery ever conceived. Even if these creations are hideously out of our price bracket, we cannot help but admire such inspirational over-the-top designs.For sheer inventiveness and impossibility, Salvador Dali’s Beating Heart takes the cake. Watch it move - spooky!


More down to earth in design, but right up there at a vertiginous price point, there is Harry Winston’s Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace. Kate Winslet wore a costume version (and not much else) in the film Titanic. But Harry's take on the item went to the Oscars around the neck of Gloria Stuart, who played the elderly Rose DeWitt Bukater Calver in the movie. It features a 15-carat blue diamond and, if you’re interested, would command a price around $20 million, making it one of the most expensive necklaces in the world.

Almost as famous, but of similarly high value and beauty, is the Begum Blue Heart Necklace. Initially given to the Princess Begum Salina Aga Khan, post divorce it was finally sold in auction to Graff jewellery for the equivalent of $12.3 million. The necklace boasts a 16 carat D-colour heart-shaped diamond and a 14 carat blue heart-shaped diamond. The Begum said she didn’t need it and wanted to give it to charity. Nice.

In Love With Hearts

Back in the real world, what does all this mean? All the above underlines that heart necklaces - whatever the material, whoever’s designed and worn them, and whatever the price point - are most definitely here to stay.Whether we’re buying, wearing, or simply admiring them in boutique windows, they are one of the most iconic and lovely jewellery shapes. And, in the words of the famous song, what the world needs now, surely, is Love, Love, Love. 

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