Lace Collection

The French lace used in this lace jewelry collection is made in Northern France by one of the country's oldest lace making houses.

There they use a loom dating back to the 18th century. The complex pattern requires that the lace is lifted from the loom halfway through the process and finished by hand.

This is jewellery that was chosen by the Victoria and Albert Museum Shop to complement a range designed to enhance the Vivienne Westwood exhibition. The crosses were also first taken up by Colette, the famous Paris boutique.

It was also the first lace jewellery collection in Plexiglas. The shaped lace cuff was first featured in Vogue’s must-have pages.

Lily says:
“The idea was to meld a new material with traditional items such as lace and jet to create a modern romantic looking jewellery.”

Remember: If you know anyone celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary or their 13th wedding anniversary, it is a ‘lace’ one so lace jewellery is most appropriate!

And in any case, black lace jewellery makes a better alternative to scratchy black lace lingerie!



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Lace Cushion Square Earrings

 These round lace in perspex earrings with onyx beads are contemporary yet feminine,  perfect at work, evenings out and weekends. Lace is the modern 8th wedding anniversary gift for her.  Features...

Lace Cross Earrings

These Swiss cross earrings marry tradition, the iconic cross shape and our hallmark innovation – lace embedded in a crystal clear acrylic. The lace earrings feature semi-precious elements too – sterling...


Round Lace Earrings

Geometric shaped earrings like these are a winner. They go with everything. Lace makes them feminine, their shape stops them being fussy. Features of Lace Jewellery: Real couture lace embedded in...


Lace Heart Earrings

Unusual heart-shaped lace in perspex earrings with black onyx accents – perfect for dressing up. Features of Lace Jewellery Real couture lace embedded in Perspex  The lace is still woven on...


Lace Flower Earrings

Japanese-inspired lace flower earrings. Day to night wear – feminine yet contemporary. Features: Real couture lace embedded in Perspex  The lace is still woven on original 19th century looms in France Lace is...


Shaped Lace Cuff

A beautiful crafted shaped lace cuff is a statement piece. Despite its impact, it's still delicate because of the lightness of all materials; lace and Perspex.  Features of Lace Jewellery: Real couture...


Straight Lace Cuff

This straight black couture lace cuff is light to wear but very sturdy. Perfect for day and nightwear.  Features of Lace Jewellery: Real couture lace embedded in Perspex  The lace is still...


Lace Bangle with Charm

A delicate lace filled bangle with the charm of your choosing – heart, disc, cross or flower. For day through evening wear. Features of Lace Jewellery Real couture lace embedded in Perspex ...


Lace & Silver Tablet Bracelet

Beautiful reflective fine couture lace and silver tablets make this a very elegant deco-inspired bracelet. Perfect for a suit to work. Or to wear out on bare wrists in the evening.  ...

Large Lace Heart on Beaded Necklace

A dramatic bold lace heart with faceted black beadwork perfect for glamourising your evening look. Choose from 3 colourways. Features of Lace Jewellery Real couture lace embedded in Perspex  The lace is...


Large Lace Heart on Cord

For dressing up or lounging. Whatever it will be noticed. Large heart-shaped pendant with black transparent lace in Perspex that ties with suede cord.  Features of Lace Jewellery Real couture lace...


Large Round Lace Pendant on Cord

A bold attention eye-catching piece. Large round pendant to really show off the intricacy of the lace. Adjustable suede cord. Wear it with a scooped neckline or pale background. Features of...