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1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

If you are searching for something to give to your wife as the 1st anniversary gift, here are some inspiring presents, we hope! 

Traditional Themes for this Anniversary

The traditional gift for the 1st anniversary is paper.  While the paper anniversary gives you a myriad of gift choices, the correct gemstone to choose is a precious metal, gold, offers something extra for this first anniversary. It is much more romantic to go for gemstone or precious metal associated with this celebration. You can give paper as well - a card, tickets or vouchers perhaps? This first wedding anniversary, just a year after your wedding day, is the first marriage milestone. After all, that you are celebrating together. 

Traditional Jewellery for Your 1st Anniversary

If you are looking for something stylish and unique as a first wedding anniversary gift, have a look at our fashionable gold jewellery collections featuring gold earrings, necklaces and bracelets and bangles. We also mix it up and pair the gold with gemstones which give much more variety and make stunning anniversary gifts. 

Ideas for 1st Anniversary Earrings and Necklaces

For women who like bold statement jewellery, a great present is our on-trend jewellery like our boho-inspired large matt gold filigree earrings or large matt gold hoops. There are smaller versions of these hoop and filigree earrings too for women who like delicate feminine jewellery.  There are gold cutwork earrings in place of the larger filigree versions and hammered gold half hoops in place of the large gipsy-style hoops. 

For smaller accent earrings combining gold and colour make great anniversary presents for someone who likes small, fine jewellery. We have a whole range of gold and gemstone stud earrings so she can ring the changes and match her gold earrings with each outfit. The colours are prehnite green, aqua chalcedony, and blue iolite. 

First Anniversary Gifts for Professional Women

If you want something your wife or partner can wear to work or at least to a desktop conference call and dress up a bit, have a look at our gemstone gold jewellery. Long gold stone necklaces convert to short double necklaces - perfect to fill a shirt or jacket neckline. This will give her the very on-trend layered look.

Gold with Gemstone Jewellery  for Your First Year of Marriage

You have a choice in some of the most well-loved stone colours too. We offer necklaces and earring sets in tanzanite(blue), aqua chalcedony, labradorite (grey), pearl, kyanite(dark blue), moonstone and prehnite(green) stones wrapped in gold on gold chains. This gives a little more colour and choice rather than stark gold jewellery if you prefer. 

If you are looking for just plain gold jewellery as a special keepsake reminder of your first year of marriage, see our matt gold circle necklaces. There are short and long open link gold necklaces as well as delicate gold medallion necklaces perfect for someone who prefers very feminine jewellery. This is a modern minimal design that offers wear anytime pieces and goes with suits and patterned outfits. 

Stunning raw stone chunks with gold separating rods as necklace and bracelets are beautiful minimal pieces which really suit women who appreciate clean elemental lines. Truly one-of-a-kind striking and unusual jewellery.  They make a special keepsake for your 1st year together too and a celebration just 12 months from your wedding day. 

We include first anniversary background story cards with our purchase to ensure a beautiful gift experience. Something to delight the recipient even more.  If you want to learn more and get more anniversary gift inspiration for this? Go to our dedicated 1st anniversary inspiration page.