Lace - The Perfect Modern 8th Wedding Anniversary Gift


the perfect modern 8th anniversary gift

lace - the 'modern' 8th wedding Anniversary gift

You may or may not have noticed that we create iconic black lace jewellery. We've spent years perfecting really complicated techniques for embedding real lace in contemporary perspex to make our intriguing jewellery. It's super popular as fashionable jewellery - who doesn't like couture lace - but it has a massive following for another reason. It is a lifesaver for men (and women) desperately searching for a thoughtful, original and romantic gift for wedding anniversaries. As you may or may not know, all wedding anniversaries have traditional and modern themes - which means you have an instant ‘on-message’ guide to the appropriate gift idea to buy for that year’s celebration.

lace 8th wedding anniversary gifts for her

It so happens that the 8th wedding anniversary, for instance, has lace or linen as the symbolic modern gift and bronze as the symbolic traditional one. Both are correct but importantly offer you a choice if one of the anniversary ideas is in any way not what you think your wife or husband would like or is impractical.

Having fielded many calls from desperate wannabe givers, we are constantly asked for advice and guidance so thought the following might be useful if you now face to face with a decision and need support - in a hurry! For bronze gifts, we would do a quick trawl through google images. This will give you an overview of what’s around and might inspire you. Bronze themed anniversary gifts are possibly more difficult if you are looking for a gift for your wife. If your wife doesn’t like bronze swap to the modern 8th-anniversary choice - lace and you have a plethora of more feminine, romantic items to buy.

Lace jewellery, lace scarves, lace lingerie or even a lace print lined bags are probably the first and easily obtainable gifts for this celebration. Lace is always in fashion and dominates the catwalks so you know your lace-inspired gift for your 8th anniversary will be well received. Just be a little bit careful with the lingerie guys. Aside from the possible itchy factor, it can also be deemed a bit cliche.

lace 8th wedding anniversary gifts for him

Lace 8th wedding anniversary gifts for men are possibly difficult but you could win major brownie points for invention and style with a pair of black lace cufflinks. They make an elegant gift, can be worn to work and are a really contemporary gift idea for your husband. If you are looking for a bronze wedding anniversary gift for your husband, there seems to be a bit of choice for masculine gifts. You could personalise items like bronze photo frames with a photo of the two of you; or if you are inspired, buy bronze effect sound gear. Perhaps you could even add a favourite track you both like in with it? And of course, bronze anything personalised with a message or the date of your anniversary could work?

Lace-in-Silver Hallmarked Cufflinks

Lace Appliqué Sequin Silk Scarf

remember romance

You don’t have to follow all this to the letter. Be inventive and just think why you and everyone else celebrate their anniversaries. Eight years ago (or maybe more), you found a wonderful kindred spirit so try and incorporate something into the gift and day that acknowledges this in some way. A shared memory or time spent together written down or mentioned or a favourite experience or interest (even if it is a food or drink) are great starting points.Whatever you choose, the more personal you can make your gift or experience, the more memorable you will make it. No matter what, the card and meaningful words are a cornerstone to expressing how you feel if you can and will help you both celebrate your 8th wedding anniversary in a heartfelt way. And no, even though a male customer once asked us to, we can’t dream up a personal message for you - because it is, er, personal!Over to you.

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